Elbow clamps:

You can easily replicate every elbow at the right angle using our elbow cutting tool. For example: if you need a 75° elbow, you would place your elbow in the cutting tool and set your digital angle ruler to 15° (90° – 75°). After you’ve made the cut in the horizontal bandsaw or cut-off saw, you’ve got yourself a perfectly cut elbow of 75°.

The elbow cutting clamps are made for elbows with a 1.5D radius. Other dimensions are available on request.

Tube clamps:

Our tube clamps are developed to prevent the tube from being pressed oval while you’re clamping it in your saw. When the tube is pressed oval during cutting and released afterward, you’ll notice your cut isn’t exactly straight but is in a concave shape. The use of this tool means you no longer have to flatten your pieces on the belt sander because you’ve just got yourself a perfectly straight cut!