Raw Metal Racers, a custom bike garage from The Netherlands founded by Stefan van der Riet.

RMR builds bikes from top to bottom. Every single bike handcrafted with its own unique style and assembled with the precision of an aircraft thanks to Stefan’s aircraft maintenance background.

All bike builds are filmed in a way to entertain and motivate other people, so they will start their own bike build after seeing these different kind of building techniques.

The passion for motorcycles is what thrives us, not only at Raw Metal Racers, but all bike builders around the globe share these feelings. Every time a bike comes together, and people are astonished by the end result, it gives you a certain feeling that can’t be described.

Raw Metal Racers builds different kind of bikes, from complete rebuilds to just some small modifications, from Café racers to Bobbers. The options are almost limitless, because we will not shy away from challenges! 

– Raw Metal Racers – Built to perfection –



Eerste boutweg 27

4756 BL, Kruisland

The Netherlands

E-mail: info@rawmetalracers.com

Phone: +31(0)6–29469898

KVK: 69225826